Cookies policy

What are cookies a browser?
A cookie is a small text file that stores a browser on your computer when you visit a website. Not all websites install cookies on users’ browsers but is a very common practice. Cookies store different information, depending on the purpose for which they were created. Some practical examples of use of cookies are shown in the following section.

How purposes browser cookies are used?
Actually there are many possible applications in the use of cookies. Below I list a short list to give you an idea:
Technical and functional Cookies: These are strictly for the use of the website and the provision of the service. Some examples are: remember user preferences, eg language, or remember user credentials, avoiding having to enter the username and password each time.
Analytical Cookies allow web traffic analysis of a site, which is vital to improve the service offered.
Advertising cookies: Allows management of advertising space that a website has been included.

What are cookies that installs Petit indie in your browser?
This blog uses several cookies to improve the browsing experience.

TYPE: Persistent DURATION: Two years DESCRIPTION: Distinguishes users and sessions.

TYPE: Temporal DURATION: 30 minutes DESCRIPTION: Determines new sessions or visits.

TYPE: Temporary DURATION: End of browser session DESCRIPTION: Determines whether the user is in a new session or visit.

TYPE: Six months DURATION: Persistent DESCRIPTION: Stores the traffic source or campaign for which the user has reached the site.