Bolao Collection

Bolao Collection was compiled because of the need to restore the work of artists and bands that are even more important for the development of our modern music history, reaching beyond borders. Based on published material that is already out of print or audio files completely unedited construct a new edition that not only part of the sound but at the same time recover the essence of artists incorporating written, scores, anecdotes, biography historical and interesting material.
Bolao Collection focuses its editions in the field of jazz, rock fusion and singer-songwriter.



Manolo Bolao Quartet LP
Side A
1. Sweet Georgia Brown (Casey) 06:02
2. Nuages (Reinhardt) 05:57
3. Jeepers Creepers (Mercer/Warren) 06:06
Side B
1. Fascinating Rhythm (Gershwin) 05:56
2. Calañi (Bolao) 03:28
3. No puedo estar sin ti (Bolao) 06:42

Produced by Emili Baleriola
BOLAO Collection / Petit indie 2013

Exclusive vinyl includes Mp3 digital download code. Plus extensive booklet with drawings and rare photos of Manolo Bolao and liner notes by Karles Torra (jazz journalist) and Emili Baleriola (guitarist and producer).

Manolo Bolao Quartet
Manolo Bolao - Guitar
Emili Baleriola - Guitar
Carles Benavent - Bass
Salvador Font - Drums

Available on March 25th.



The special vinyl edition of the album "Manolo Bolao Quartet" (Bolao-Collection / Petit Indie) presented at Espai Xocolat of Palma de Mallorca. The edition of this work was to pay tribute and memory to one of the pioneers of the electric jazz guitar in Spain, Manolo Bolao. For this occasion, besides Bolao claim the figure of his disciples and friends gathered to version some songs. In this case it is "Calañi".




Manolo Bolao Tribute

Manolo Bolao Tribute

Last April 12 at the Espai Xocolat of Palma de Mallorca there was the presentation of the album Manolo Bolao Quartet, which ultimately rescues the only album Bolao recorded as a solo artist and over the years has become a classic. The event was a success in public attendance and confirmed that Bolao is much […]

BOLAO Collection

BOLAO Collection

Bolao Collection is the title of a new collection of vinyl records dedicated to the classics of jazz, rock and singer-songwriter music. Bolao Collection is born by the need to restore the work of the artists and bands which have been essential for the development of our modern music history, reaching beyond borders. Based on published […]

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